JJ Nail Spa & Skin Care

                                        J J Nail Spa & Skin Care

                                 Full Service Salon With  Professional Nail Technicians 

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J J Nail Spa & Skin Care is a nail salon with specialty foot spa treatments. Our focus is to provide therapeutic care of your hands, feet and spirit. As your body rests and your spirit relaxes, highly skilled nail technicians devoted to your personal care and complete satisfaction, rejuvenate your hands and feet.

 J J Nail Spa & Skin Care salon is equipped with the latest equipment and products in the manicuring market. We are using only brand name products for manicuring to provide the best quality for each individual client.We are also constantly striving to updating our products techniques, and most important of all sanitation, in cooperating both professional quality services and new technology, our salon answer all your needs with our motto of 100% client satisfaction, this salon will provide extra care services for you as a clients. We won't be satisfied with our work until our clients are. 

                                    Your health and safety first

* Special cleansing solution eliminate bacterial problems associated with jet spas.

* Each time the tub is used it been rigorously sterilized and sanitized.

* All nail equipment is sterilized, sealed after each use and placed in new sterilization


                                     " No Chip" Guarantee 

          7- Days no chip guarantee on Pedicures.

          3- Days no chip guarantee on Regular  Manicure  

          2- Weeks no chip guarantee on Gel Manicure( Shellac Manicure)

    * If under normal wear and tear, your Manicure or Pedicure gets chipped, JJ Nail Spa & Skin Care will do a touch - up at no charge to you. Exception: polish change.


                               Caring For your nail enhancement at home 

* Let your nail tech do her job. If you break a nail pr if a nail begins to lift. Do not attempt to fit the nail your self, improperly gluing down a loose nail can cause moisture to become trapped, between the nail and the enhancement and possibly cause an infection. Do not bandage a broken nail as bandages may also trap moisture.

 * Treat your nails like jewels. Protect your investment by wearing gloves when gardening or exposing hands to water for extended period of time. Do not put upward pressure on your nail tips. Use a soda can opener to pop tops, and dial the phone with the eraser end of a pencil.

* Add some extras. Your nail technician may suggest that you apply top coat every other day to prevent chipping or yellowing. Cuticle is also a daily necessity as it keeps cuticles supple and the acrylic product moisturized and flexible.

* Do not take them off. If you decide you no longer want to wear nail enhancements, do not take off your self. Picking and pulling the nails off will damage your natural nail,tip layers from your nail plate, and make regrowth a long, painful process. Your nail technician can safety remove nail enhancements. 

                                         Gift Certificate Available

                     * Gift Certificate  make a great gift for any accasion.

                  * They are available in any amount for all our services. 

               * Gift Certificate may even be ordered by phone, placed your credit card and mailed

                      directly to you or your guest.

                                              Never expire & Non- refundable..